With more than 25 years of experience,TMG's tray erecting machines are leaders in the world market. Our machines are known in five continents by producers, cooperatives, packing houses, distributors and manufacturers of paper.

The technology is innovative and therefore our machines are at the forefront of this demanding industry.When  acquiring one of our machines you will enjoy the flexibility of working with a custom-made product adapted to your process, saving downtime, and obtaining measurements and format changes faster.


Machine designed to produce a large box on the side of the end wall, half Paddle format or display box.
  • Good accessibility to every operating area.
  • Ergonomic design with grouped control devices and intuitive PLC interface.
  • The new ergonomic design has removed the need for a glue stepladder and tray infeeder platform.
Technical specifications
    • Technical specifications

    • ProductionUntil 1500 box/hour
    • Box size Until 600 x 800
    • Plate sizeUntil 1300mm
    • Machine typeTray erecting machine
Machine dimensions
  • C6-H

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